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Egypt Nile and Lake Nasser Cruises



First time visitor to Egypt who wants a classical (Pharaonic Antiquities) experience would do well to book a Nile cruise. Of course modern airlines shuttle tourists to the southern region of Egypt, but historically the Nile cruise was really the only way to visit the temples and tombs located along this stretch of the river. It is still a popular means of visiting upper Egypt and has many advantages to other means of travel.


If you've ever dreamed of exploring ancient Egypt, longed to follow the footsteps of the Pharaohs or imagined the desert sun setting over the emerald Nile, you're ready to step aboard a Nile River cruise. For over five thousand years the Nile has been the lifeblood of Egypt and there's simply no better way to experience the wealth of Egyptian history, culture and architecture than on a Nile River cruise.


Most Nile River cruises visit Luxor on the site of ancient Thebes, where you'll see the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, ancient Egypt's longest ruling female pharaoh, and the Temple of Karnak, the largest temple complex built by man. Excursions are offered from Luxor to the Valley of the Kings, the resting place of more than 60 pharaohs, including the mysterious boy-king Tutankhamun. On your Nile River cruise, you may also visit the 2,000-year-old, beautifully preserved Temple of Horus, the falcon god, or hop aboard a felucca, a traditional Egyptian sailing vessel. Many Nile River cruises also visit the High Dam at Aswan, one of Egypt's modern marvels.



Nile River cruises are part of longer Egypt tour itineraries, many of which visit the legendary pyramids and Sphinx in Giza, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo and Djoser's Step Pyramid in Sakkara -- all must-see Egyptian treasures.


Nile cruises may very considerably, but typical Nile cruises are three, four or seven nights. The shorter tours usually operate between Luxor and Aswan, while the longer cruises travel further north to Dendara, often offering day tours overland to more remote locations. Therefore, a fairly complete 14 day tour of Egypt might include several days around Cairo, seeing the pyramids, museums and other antiquities, a short flight to Abu Simbel in the very southern part of Egypt surrounding a seven day Nile Cruise.


The usual cruise is aboard a Nile cruiser, often referred to as a floating hotel. Indeed, the better boats have most the accommodations of a land based hotel, including small swimming pools, hot tubs, exercise rooms, nightclubs, good restaurants, stores and even small libraries. Depending on what one is willing to pay, rooms may be very utilitarian and small, or larger then some land based hotel rooms. Some boats even have suites available. Better boats will always have private baths, air conditioning, and TVs. It is common for there to be video movies each night, and some boats are equipped with cameras allowing passengers to view the countryside from their TV.
Floating hotels also offer various entertainments. Many of the boats have dance areas with disco or even live entertainment, and most offer a variety of nightly shows. These might include cocktail parties, Nubian shows, belly dancers and whirling dervish, plays and even dress up parties where guests don traditional apparel. Like land hotels, meals onboard most Nile cruisers are usually buffet style and include hot and cold food along with a variety of international and local cuisine. Most all boats have good modern water filtration, which is fine for showering, but it is still recommended to drink bottled water, which the boat will have aboard.


A much more adventurous style of Nile cruise, very different from the floating hotels can be arranged aboard feluccas, Egypt's traditional Nile sailboat. Most felucca trips are short, enjoyable trips of several hours, but multi-day felucca cruises can be arranged aboard larger vessels traveling between Aswan and Luxor. There is really no comparison between cruising the Nile on a floating hotel and a felucca. The accommodations on a felucca are primitive. Tourist sleep in the open on deck and the sailors double as cooks.


Around the middle of April, locks on the Nile river are closed due to water levels, ultimate time for a Nile cruise is between October and mid April, when the weather is fairly cool, but the locks are all open. However, most cruise boats operate all year. If the locks are closed, cruise operators will arrange boats on either side of the locks, and a transfer must be made between boats.
Nile Cruise and Lake Nasser Cruise Classical Programs 

General Important Information while boarding on a Nile Cruise:


Food on board

Accommodations aboard the cruise boats are on full board basis. All meals are included and are in an open buffet style, some days there are many varieties, and these meals are served within a fixed timetable. Tea and coffee is available, while on the move, every day at 5:00 pm. Other drinks are offered in the bar area.


Nightlife on board

Every day there is a full entertainment program, which differs from one boat to the other. Usually, the first day is a cocktail party, run by the boat, where they offer free drinks and introduce the staff on board. This party is also called “the Captain's party”, where the Captain introduces his crew to the guests on board; don’t forget to wear formal clothes during this party!


Another night there is a “Galabyia party”, where you will be encouraged to get Egyptian outfits and wear the local Galabyia. During such parties, some games are conducted; the tour guides on board run the party, and are much fun!! To buy a Galabyia will cost you around 50 LE, but if you do not wish to buy one, you can hire one from the bazaar shop located on board. On another night there will be a Nubian show, where you will see Nubian dancers and singers in their traditional dress.


The last evening’s entertainment is usually a belly dancing show, a juggler’s show, and local singers and bands.
There are many bazaars outside the Temples that you will be visiting during your cruise. Don’t forget to haggle hard!


Dress onboard

During the daytime, while enjoying the tours, you can wear whatever you like, though due to the extreme heat it is recommended you wear lightweight clothes. While relaxing on board you may wear shorts and swimming suits, if you wish. Breakfast and lunch can be taken dressed like this, but for dinner, please wear dress clothes!


How to pay your Extras

All extras such as drink, laundry, and telephones bills should be settled on the last day of your cruise at check out time. Payment can be made with credit cards, or cash. Make sure you have enough cash, just in case your card is not working properly.



Our guidelines for tipping for cruise staff is $ 3-5 USD Per person per day! So for 3 nights cruise it should be $12-15 USD per person. This tipping should be given to the boat, place them in an envelope and give to boat reception. This money later will be distributed evenly among the crew onboard. This way each person will get his fair share.


Please note: this does not include tipping to your Tourist Guide, this should be separate, and it is entirely up to you to decide the size of tip that you will give to him/her.


Know that these are only guidelines, gratuities are personal matter and tipping is entirely at the discretion of the individuals.


Health and Safety onboard

All Nile cruise boats are equipped with safety features and life jackets are normally placed under your cabin bed. Please avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol especially if you have equilibrium problems.

People with equilibrium problems should not spend too much time on deck at night, on a fast moving ship; it is dangerous in case you fall over.


Smoking in bed is dangerous; the mattresses are very flammable!


Make sure that you know where the muster stations are, in case you have to abandon ship.

If you get sick on board, some cruise boats have a resident doctor on board. If not, they have doctors assigned in each town that can be called In case of emergency. Contact your Program Manager for assistance.


Other Useful tips

+ When first checking in a cruise boat, it is advisable to leave your valuables in a safety deposit box. This will be available either in the reception, or a private safe in your cabin.

+ If you wish to buy any items from the shops on board, the opportunity for shopping is generally limited due to the small size of these shops. But on the other hand you will get plenty of time to check what you are buying, and haggle over the price!

+ To call home, most of the cruise boats offer telephone facilities on board, but the quality is not as good as onshore.

+ We would recommend visiting a bank, to change your money, before cruising, as most of the cruise boats do not offer this facility and you will not get access to onshore banks while you are cruising.


Rates, budget and Saving on Nile River Cruises

Our Egypt tours with a Nile River cruise can save you up to 40% off the price of traveling the same itinerary on your own. That's because we negotiate low group rates on everything from hotels to Nile River cruises, and pass the savings on. And that's not all. Egypt tours are worry-free and hassle-free, as all the details are handled for you. They're easy to budget, as so much is included in one price.


Highly Recommended Egypt  Nile River Cruises:


1- Sonesta Nile Cruises:  "Upscale 5* Luxury Nile Cruises"

+ M/S Sonesta Star Goddess Nile Cruise: Luxury

+ M/S Sonesta Moon Goddess Nile Cruise: Luxury

+ M/S Sonesta Nile Goddess Nile Cruise: Luxury

+ M/S Sonesta Moon Goddess Nile Cruise: Luxury  

+ M/S Sonesta San George Nile Cruise: Luxury


2- Oberoi Nile Cruises: "Upscale 5* Luxury Nile Cruises"

+ M/S Oberoi Philae Nile Cruise: Luxury


3- Moevenpick Nile Cruises: "Upscale 5* Luxury Nile Cruises"

+ M/S Moevenpick Royal Lilly Nile Cruise: Luxury

+ M/S Moevenpick Royal Lotus Nile Cruise: Luxury

+ M/ S Moevenpick Prince Abbass Lake Nasser Cruise: Deluxe

+ M/S Moevenpick Radamis I Nile Cruise: 5* Superior

+ M/S Moevenpick Radamis II Nile Cruise: 5* Superior


4- Travcotels Nile Cruises: 5* Deluxe Nile Cruises

+ M/S Jaz Crown Jubilee Nile Cruise: 5* Deluxe

+ M/S Jaz Crown Jewel Nile Cruise: 5* Deluxe

+ M/ S Iberotel Crown Empress Nile Cruise: 5* Deluxe

+ M/ S Iberotel Crown Emperor Nile Cruise: 5* Deluxe

+ M/S Jaz Omar El Khayam Lake Nasser Cruise: 5* Super Deluxe

+ M/ S Jaz Royale Nile Cruise: 5* Deluxe


5- Other Recommended Nile Cruises: Several Categories

+ Presidential Nile Cruises: 5* Standard

+ M/S Darakum Nile Cruise: 5* Super Deluxe

+ M/S Sun Ray Nile Cruise: 5* Deluxe

+ M/S MISR "STEAMER" Nile Cruise 5* Super Deluxe

+ M/S Hamees Nile Cruise: 5* Superior

+ M/S Renaissance Nile Cruise: 5* Deluxe

+ M/S Tiyi Nile Cruise: 5* Deluxe

+ M/S Tuya Nile Cruise: 5* Super Deluxe
+ M/S Nubian Sea Lake Nasser Cruise: 5* Superior 


N.B. Please check our very special rates for each of the above Nile Cruise.