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Landmarks of Modern Cairo and Nightlife


Shopping and nightlife

Cairo offers an incredible selection of shopping, leisure, culture and nightlife. Shopping ranges from the famous Khan El-Khalili Souk, largely unchanged since the 14th century, to modern air- conditioned centers displaying the latest fashions. All the bounty of the East is here particularly good buys are spices, perfumes, gold and silver, carpets, brass and copperware, leatherwork, glass, ceramics and mashrabiya. Try some of the famous street markets, like Wekalet al-Balah, for fabrics, including Egyptian cotton, the Tentmakers' Bazaar, Mohammed Ali Street for musical instruments.
And, although you probably won't want to buy, the Camel Market makes a fascinating trip. When you need a break from city life, try a round of golf on the famous Mena House course overlooking the Pyramids watch the horse-racing at the Gezira Club or visit the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens.
Take a trip on the Nile in a felucca or ride on horseback from the Giza Pyramids to Sakkara. For a day trip. outside Cairo visit Haraniyya village and see the beautiful tapestries and weaving produced by local people. Or get away from it all at the top of the Cairo Tower modem 187 meter-high tower with views of the city from all sides, topped by a revolving restaurant.
Cairo comes alive at night, the best time to shop, eat delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, or simply watch the world go by from a pavement cafe. You can dine in a floating restaurant on the Nile, sample a shisha “Water Pipe” at a coffee-shop or see oriental dancers and cabarets at a luxury hotel.
The splendid Opera House complex houses several galleries (including the Museum of Modern Art), restaurants and concert halls. Listening to Arabic music under the stars, in the open-air theatre, is a magical experience. At El-Ghuriya, in the heart of Islamic Cairo, you can watch folk musicians and whirling dervish dancers. And don't forget the most essential after-dark experience, the Sound and Light show at the Pyramids, a dramatic fusion of light and music recounting the story of antiquity.


Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar and Al Sagha (Jewelry Shops)

One of the earliest and greatest markets in the Middle East Built in the 14th century AD and contains many stores that exhibit wonderful collections of jewelry, wooden products engrafted With mother-of pearl, leather ware, embroidered dresses and attractive hand-made products that make a great Selection of souvenirs.


The Pharaonic Village

Located in Al-Bahr Al-A’azam Street in ‘ Giza and presents daily show from 9a.m. till 5 p.m. It is a panorama reflecting aspects of ancient Egyptians life, Visitors witness the daily activities of the ancient Egyptian who has known the oldest civilization. The Village also contains a papyrus museum and offers adequate services to its visitors. The visitor can take a Nile cruise amid trees, birds and also practice fishing. The visit lasts two hours.


The Opera House

The new 7-storey opera house at the Gezira Exhibition Grounds was inaugurated in 1988. Designed by a team of Japanese and Egyptian architects, it is an architectural masterpiece of Islamic design. It is equipped with the most sophisticated audio-visual system and comprises:

1. The Main Theater, a closed hall comprising 1200 seats, is used for opera, ballet and classic music performances.

2. The Second Theatre is also a closed hall comprising so seats and is used for various purposes including film festivals and conferences.

3. The Third Theater is an open one comprising 1000 seats. There are other halls, some of which are used for training and rehearsals, in addition to the Museum and the Library containing references pertaining to the most significant artistic works.


Cairo Tower

It is one of the most recent landmarks of Cairo in the center of Gezirah. It is 187 meters high and two stores top it. The first level has a revolving restaurant and cafeteria, the rooftop floor provides a panoramic view of Cairo and its suburbs through telescopes.

For more information Tel.: 33410884


The Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids

One of the most attractive evenings in Giza, even in the whole world, is this unique show combining~ the lights projected on the three pyramids and the Sphinx, and the sound effects suggestive of the ancient Paranoiac atmosphere together with the narration of the history of the Pyramids and the Sphinx There are two places of this spectacle; first in Giza and it narrates the history of Old Egypt and the building of the Pyramids.
The second spectacle is in Mohamed Aly Citadel and it narrates the historical events that happened in this Citadel. The show is narrated in seven languages Arabic, English, French, German Spanish, Japanese and Italian daily at sunset.


The Nilometer

Located in the south road of Al-Roda Island built by engineer Mohamed Ibn Kathir Al¬ Ferghani in the reign of the Caliph Al-Abbas Al¬ Mutawakel Ala Allah (861 AD.), to measure the level of the Nile flood.


Media Production City

Recently established, it aims at presenting high quality productions; this in order to preserve the values and traditions which accord with the Arab cultural character and identity. It is situated in the 6th of October City on an area of 2 million square meters. It contains the following: (The Pharaonic, Islamic, Bedouin and rural areas, underwater photography, Dream LandMagic Land’, Egypt’s Gate, and Information Center).

For more information Tel: 011/400064


6th October War Panorama

It has an interesting display with moving sound effects. It exhibits an I-Max theatre in the background and reenactment of actual battle scenes. The panorama is developed to commemorate the victories of October War. Located in Salah Salem Street near the exhibition center.

For more information Tel: 24022317


Giza Zoo

It lays at Giza St. Founded in 1891 and one of seven zoos in Egypt ( Alexandria, Mansoura, Al Arish, Fayoum, Sohag and Tanta), the Cairo Zoo never closes. In addition to visiting the ‘too varieties of animals, there are pony rides, a Natural 0l’stor~’ Museum, grottos, picnic facilities and 3 restaurants. The zoo is spread over 52 acres, which once belonged to me Orman Gardens designed by Barrillet Deschamps o France for the Khedive Ismail. The mosaic pavement of the pathways are original. Visiting hours: daily from 9-5, extremely crowded on Fridays and official holidays. English language map available.


Ain Al Sira

It is the only sulfur baths located within the city that are found between Fustat and the Southern Cemetery. These are the most western of a series that begins in Sinai at Hammam Faroun, and they appear again across the Gulf of Suez at Ain Soukhna, and, in almost a straight line, reappear in Helwan and Am al Sira, The mud from Am al Sira is used at the Capritage in Helwan (of medicinal mud baths. In addition to swimming in the sulfur water, there is a picnic area, a restaurant and other facilities. There are other sulfur springs in the western desert


Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center “CICC”

Established in 1989. It is located in Nasr City and contains three main halls in addition to the hall of ceremonies and another for exhibitions besides offices for secretarial and press work and other media.


Al Koba El Samawyia

It lies in El Gezira, behind the modern building of the Opera. It is the only of its kind in Middle East. It presents an active scientific show of the movement of planets and the story of the Earth planet. This show is presented every day at 7.00 o’clock except Wednesdays.



At Qanater 20 miles north of Cairo, where the Nile divides into the Rashid and Damietta branches, and the two dams begun during the reign of Mohammed Ali. The Damietta Dam is the larger with 71 sluices, white the Rashid Dam, separated from the former by a kilometer, has only 61 sluices. You may drive over the dams. Park facilities offer bicycling, boat rental, carriage rides and picnic areas. It can be reached by car, along the Corniche, or river bus(Friday and Sunday mornings only) from Maspero Station across from the Radio and TV building. Journey time is 2 hours. The last bus from Maspero is at 5pm. Very popular crowded spot.


Abdeen Palace

Erected by the Khedive Ismail in 1874 as his official residence, this is the most magnificent European style palace in Egypt Its grounds cover 24 feddans of grottos, parks. and kiosks located in gardens landscaped along European lines.


Baron’s Palace

It is located on Oruba St., Heliopolis, the right just after the Merghani underpass. This architectural extravaganza, built at the turn of the century by Baron Edouard Empain, the developer of Heliopolis. It is patterned after a Hindu temple and is covered and surrounded with Hindu relieves and statues, it is said the structure is built on a railway turntable which once rotated to face the sun. The palace has been abandoned for many years.



Visitors who are interested in entertainment can enjoy attending one of the concerts performed by famous singers. Cairo Symphony Orchestra, folkloric dancing, Ballet and Opera performances.


Casinos and Night Clubs:

On the banks of the eternal Nile, in the Area of Giza Pyramids and in other parts of Cairo there is large number of Casinos and luxurious night clubs where the tourist can spend the most pleasant evenings amid music, singing and shows of middle eastern dancing and folklore in addition to western dancing groups which abound in these casinos and nightclubs.


Restaurants and Coffee Shops:

Egypt is famous for its delicious cuisine; Cairo abounds in a number of coffee shops and restaurants. The culinary delights extend from authentic Egyptian cuisine to a display of International flavors. They are equal to their counterparts in the capitals of the world as for splendor and efficiency o service. Moreover floating restaurants offer Nile trips serving lunch and dinner while watching dancing shows and City landmarks.


Cairo Theaters:

Cairo is famous for its variety of theatres that attract audiences from the Arab World. Classic plays are frequently performed. The season of theatre in Cairo starts from September to May with many groups moving to Alexandria in the summer. However the summer season runs July and August. Theatre performances are advertised in the local daily newspapers.

Shows usually start at 9:30pm and 10:30pm during Ramadan. Most theatres are dark on Tuesdays or Wednesdays; however, all times are subject to change without notice. Comedy in Egypt tends to be farce, with a great deal of puns and ad bibs. Drama tends to be allegorical. There is censorship. The following is a selective list of theatre companies and venues.


Government troupes

These troupes are sponsored by the Egyptian Authority of Theatre and Music that lies at 27, Abdel Khalek Sarwat St., Cairo or the Egyptian Authority of Mass Culture that lies at Bahr Al Azam St., Giza. The season is planned in advance with shows usually running 4-6 weeks in each of the venues.