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El Arish


It is the capital of North Sinai Governorate, and is situated at Horn Road it is distinguished by its clear blue water, widespread, fruitful pair’ y wood on its coast and its soft, white sand. It has a yacht marina and a coal airport. Shady Palm lined beaches, Mediterranean waves and the glowing colors of Bedouin crafts mark tins northern sea resort town Here you will find good restaurants, hotels and several resort complexes There is a Pharaonic fortress at El-Arish that was rebuilt by the Ottomans in 1560,  restored  by Bonaparte’s troops in 1799, and destroyed by British bomb , during World War I In addition you will have a rare find in the permanent exhibition of the arts and traditions of the Bedouins near  the zoological gardens on the edge of the town.


EI Arish is far off the beaten track in Egypt and so it gets a reduced number of tourists each year. But it is Sinai’s main Mediterranean Sea resort and the capital of the North Sinai governorate. El Arish main attraction consists of its shady palm lined  beaches and the clear waters of the Mediterranean sea