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Port Said


Port Said was established when the Suez Canal was dug out in 1869. It is located on the Mediterranean, as the northern entrance to the Suez Canal, and its fame increased internationally when it was declared a free zone. It is 220 km from Cairo, 80 km from Ismailia and 160 km from Suez. It is characterized by beautiful, calm and soft sandy beaches and rock-free waters.

Geographically, It links Africa with Asia, through Port Fouad, a suburb on the east bank of the Suez Canal. It is also considered the meeting point of the important maritime routes between East and the West. One of the attractions is Al-Gameel area (the beautiful), which is a protected area 1 km west of Port Said where fishing it practiced. It is also possible to go on cruise in the port to watch the ship convoys, which cross the Suez Canal.


National Museum in Port Said

It is located in Palestine Street overlooking the entrance of the Suez Canal. It houses about 9000 relics, which date from different ages: Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic Islamic and Modern until the reign of Khedive Ismailia : This collection contains two mummies, an exquisitely worked faience shroud and painted coffin, coach of Khedive Ismailia used during canal’s inauguration ceremonies, and Audio-visual fantastic pieces from different ages. There are historical information and Audio-visual facilities in English and Arabic.


De Lesseps Statue Base

The only statue in the city was that of Ferdinand De lesseps, standing more than 10 meters high, with his right hand welcoming the visitors entering the canal and his left hand holding the authorizing decree with the map of the Canal. His statue was imposing. Many wanted to have a statue of a Pharaoh like Ramses II, King Farouk, or even an obelisk but the salty humidity would have destroyed it. There has been always a wish to have an Egyptian standing there because it was a canal dug by the hands of hundreds of thousands of Egyptians and many thousands lost their lives during its construction.


Suez Canal Authority Building

It overlooks the Suez Canal and was constructed at the inauguration of the Suez Canal to serve international navigation.


Military Museum

It is located in 26 July Street, and houses acquisitions of the 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 wars It has three halls the first of which is assigned to exhibiting the history 0 Pharaonic and Islamic history. The second, for exhibiting the struggle of the citizens of Port Said against the 1956 aggression and exhibit the arms captured by the commandos. The third for displaying the victories of our armed forces in October 1973.